About Me

For the last 32 years I've lived a double life...I've been a girlfriend (now a wife), Worked in retail, media buying, graphic design, account management, and have become a helluva  Mom (so I am told).  The one constant in my life has been pottery.  It is my true love - don't tell my husband.

Studying since the age of 14 at the Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, CT,  I discovered that pottery is an extension of my heart and soul -- there is nothing like channeling your enthusiasm and energy to create something totally unique that people enjoy.   I love to create functional works of art that can be used every day.  

My mugs are my favorite creation and my best seller.  It’s the kind of mug you get excited about pouring your morning coffee into and curling up with it, or nice hot oatmeal or hot chocolate.  That said, I can pretty much make anything you can dream up...Plates, bowls, vases, beer growlers - I've made them all. 

I always have new ideas, and I always love getting ideas from other people just like you!  I've also taught quite a few aspiring artists right here in my home studio.  My goal is to create things that you'll love to use as much as I loved making it.                            

~ Krisa