Art from the Earth

For over 20 years, I have been creating functional artwork with clay pulled from the ground in Sheffield, Massachusetts.  This clay is more accurately known as 'Stoneware.'  Stoneware is a strong, hard clay usually fired to around 2100 degrees F. It is usually brown or grey colored and has been used widely for functional pottery such as plates, bowls and drinking vessels. The subtle muted glaze effects have been much prized by studio potters in the 20th century.  It is non-porous, microwaveable, as well as dishwasher and oven-safe.  My supplier pulls this clay from rich deposits that were once underneath the feet of Revolutionary Army soldiers and the early patriots during defining moments in the founding of the United States.              That's so cool....


Revolutionary Ground

My stoneware mug, plates, bowls and beer growlers (or anything else I make) are from sacred ground.  Sheffield Massachusetts is the location of one of the last battles of the Shay's Rebellion.  Fairly long, and detailed in its history, but suffice to say that the farmers of western Massachusetts and more wealthy businessmen of Boston weren't fond of each other back in 1787.  The Shay's Rebellion was part of a movement that created the US Constitution.  You are holding history.


Tough Stuff

Stoneware is very versatile and stubborn.  A day on the wheel can feel like a day breaking boulders or training in the gym.  While I do what I can to keep myself up to task - it is more often the case that stoneware wins and I retreat to a warm bath or glass of wine to reflect on our collaboration that day.  It's my hope that you'll love using your stoneware item as much as I loved making it.